Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bamboo bathroom blinds

I've been pondering for months about what to do for the window in the bathroom. I've seen many tutorials out there with mini blinds. I just didn't feel confident in the way they would hold up. Then I saw Young House Love's bamboo blinds that they added to their office and I fell in love!

So we decided to go and pick up these blinds from home depot. We installed them and think it adds so much warmth to the space. It will also complement the wood countertops we plan on doing for the vanity.

We're still working on the rest of the bathroom and don't want to reveal too much so we're going piece by piece. Here's the rest of our checklist for the bathroom:

- Buy new shower curtain
- Install new shower tile
- Replace shower rod
- Refinish old pink tub
- Replace shower head 
- Install new floor tile
- Replace/ refinish dated vanity
- Replace sink
- Frame out mirror
- Replace vanity lighting
- Add bamboo blinds
- Install vent fan
- Paint/prime walls 
- Paint ceiling
- Replace trim 
- Install new countertops
- Create custom drawer pull-outs for linen cabinets
- Install new cabinet hardware
- Paint cabinet doors
- Hang artwork
- Replace shower hardware
- Replace faucet 
- Remove magazine rack
- Recaulk bathtub
- Install crown molding

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1 comment:

  1. I love wooden blinds as bathroom blinds - they add such a warm feel to the room, instead of the usual white blinds you see. The one's you chose are a bit of a bargain too!