Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to install cabinet hardware

What is the best way to update/ jazz up a blah or outdated cabinet? Well the first thing would be to paint them if they are a dated color. I was lucky because I had white cabinets that I don't mind so I could skip that step. I have just plain white stock cabinets with no existing hardware holes. What to do……

Step 1:
   You need to pick out your hardware. Here are the two options I chose for my cabinets:

Ikea Bastig handles
These are the handles I chose for my drawers…..

Ikea Bastig knobs 
…….and these are the knobs I chose for my upper and lower cabinets.
 It's not essential to choose a mix of handles and knobs, that was just my preference for my kitchen.

Step 2:
   Decide where on the cabinet you want your knob or handle to be positioned. Ideally, you should come up with a measurement for how far up and how far in you want it to be. The measurements I came up with for my knobs were 1 1/4" each.

Step 3:
    Create a template on cardboard or paper. From the bottom left corner I measured up 1 1/4" and over 1 1/4". That is the point where the hole needs to be drilled for the knob.

Step 4:
     Drill a hole with the correct size bit for your screw supplied with your hardware. Be careful not to drill it too large. I would suggest using a smaller bit first because you can always make the hole larger if need be.  

Step 5:
       Attach your hardware.

Note: When installing the handles I suggest you also make a template so you can place your hardware evenly on the cabinet. These can be a little trickier than the knobs.

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