Monday, May 27, 2013

Finding the perfect light gray paint

For months we have been looking for inspiration for our upstairs bathroom. We intend for this bathroom to be the one used by guests so we want it to look super nice! The hallways are dark gray so we knew that we wanted to choose something lighter and brighter for the bathroom. I wanted it to feel clean and serene. We chose to stick with a light gray but choosing the right one proved to be a huge task. Not all gray paints are the same. I wanted a "true" gray. I searched the internet and finally settled on Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart.

The lighting in the bathroom isn't great and my camera is less than ideal but the bottom picture more accurately depicts the paint color. Sometimes it has a greenish blue tint but I think it's perfect! I love it so much I might use it in a few other rooms. 

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