Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Holly Bush Removal

On our long to do list for the warm season of 2013, we have the removal of our wretched looking holly bushes. We have lived here for a year now and really didn't want to have to remove them but no matter what we did they just wouldn't "perk" up. It probably has a lot to do with the fact the snow falls right off the roof and onto those bushes flattening them. I'm sure it's happened every year before we moved into the house since they were planted. Now their leaves are turning brown and they just look awful. So sad (or not so sad) to say we have removed them! Not quite sure yet what we are replacing them with just yet but we might also be removing the bushes in front of the window as well. Heck why don't we just remove the entire landscaping in the front yard while were at it, I mean we're more than halfway there! 

Not much there anymore but still I think it looks better than it did! 

Wow hello downspout...

…now that the holly is removed it makes the downspout that much more obvious! That'll be changing soon! :)

So here's what our updated list for outside is:
-Trim back the ornamental grasses
-Clean out flower beds
-Trim Grapevines
-Mulch all beds
-Edge all beds
-Cut down holly bushes
-Reseed patchy areas of lawn
-Mailbox Makeover
-Plant a garden
-Restore the deck
-Remove old deck benches and install planters
-Paint/repair fence
-Install house numbers somewhere on front of house
-Reseal driveway
-Redo retaining wall
-Resurface concrete sidewalk and steps
-Spray paint outdoor furniture
-Remove "weed/junk garden" on side of house and seed it
-Paint vinyl siding to match rest of house
-Paint/ disguise downspouts
-Plant red twig dogwood bushes on side of house
-Create an herb garden
-Build an air conditioner cover
-Replace Shutters
-Spray paint lamp post and handrails

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