Monday, April 22, 2013

Tackling the bathroom ceiling

The main bathroom has been a source of many headaches for me! Between the pink bathtub, yellow tiles and cranberry walls…ahhh! Something had to be done but what? I finally decided even though I don't know exactly what I plan on doing the least I can do is get rid of the paint colors. So we're starting to paint the ceiling and prime over the cranberry paint.

 There is no bathroom fan to draw out the moisture when we take showers so the ceilings have become pretty gross. This picture doesn't exactly show how icky the ceiling really is but take my word for it, it hasn't seen a good paint job for a long time….

We chose to paint the ceiling in a semi gloss paint to help repel moisture….
 We used this Behr Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in One paint in Semi-Gloss.
 This shows the coverage after one coat on the left and the original paint is on the right...

 Here's what it looked like after two coats…not the best coverage but not the worst…it works

Now that the ceiling is painted, we still have to….

- Buy new shower curtain
- Install new shower tile
- Replace shower rod
- Refinish old pink tub
- Replace shower head 
- Install new floor tile
- Replace/ refinish dated vanity
- Replace single sink with double sinks
- Frame out mirror
- Replace vanity lighting
- Make custom roman blinds
- Install vent fan
- Paint walls 
- Paint ceiling
- Replace trim and molding 
- Install new countertops
- Create custom drawer pull-outs for linen cabinets
- Hang artwork
- Replace bathroom hardware
- Replace faucet with two new faucets
-Remove magazine rack
-Recaulk bathtub

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