Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to remove rust from a stainless steel sink

I just recently did a tutorial on how to clean a stainless steel sink here. After cleaning it and getting great results there was still a nasty little rusty ring around the sink drain. It was bothering me and I decided that I would try and get rid of it. Guess what, it worked and my sink looks AMAZING :) Here's what I did….

Here's what you need:
-Rusty sink
-Cream of tartar
-Hydrogen peroxide 

Step #1: Wet the area first with hydrogen peroxide (spray bottle may be helpful) and then sprinkle cream of tartar on top of the hydrogen peroxide…then wait 10 minutes

Step #2: After 10 minutes, scrub the area with a toothbrush 

Step #3: Rinse area with water and step back and enjoy your rust free sink, soo easy I love it :)

Here are the before and after shots:


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