Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exterior Home Colors

    After much indecision, we have finally come to a conclusion on the colors that we will be using for the exterior of our home. I had to do a lot of research on whether or not I could paint vinyl siding, turns out you can! Yay! If I was to replace all of the existing vinyl siding it would cost me at least $10,000. (ouch!) So I will have a savings of nearly $9,500. Hopefully this project will come without any issues. (Fingers crossed) The colors we have chosen are Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore which can be specially formulated for vinyl siding. The accent color is going to be Mountain Lane by Benjamin Moore and finally the trim will be Alabaster by Benjamin Moore.

Alabaster, Mountain Lane, Hale Navy
Note: If you use any dark colors on your vinyl siding that aren't specifically formulated for vinyl siding, you may experience warping of the panels. So check out Benjamin Moore's specially formulated paint for vinyl siding.

Kind of like these colors….

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