Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tackling the Junkyard Part 2

Yesterday we left you all with our progress on the side yard. Today we completed the junk haul away and we finally have a clean side yard! We wanted to update you all and let you know about our plans for this side yard.

 These stumps still have us stumped...
 they are too deep and thick to dig out by hand...
so we might have to have them ground down or we'll try something to break them down not sure yet…

We plan to:
- Add a layer of topsoil
- Add grass seed
- Remove the stumps
- Paint/Disguise the downspout
- Scrape and repaint trim
- Replace windows
- Add shutters
- Add window boxes
- Paint and patch foundation
-Paint fence

Still lots to do but definitely progress from where we came from:

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