Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exterior Transformation Ideas

      Our first challenge is to add curb appeal to our 1950's tri-level home. Some challenges that we have are that there was an addition added to the right side of the house which creates an odd contrast to the rest of the house. The house looks as if it has three parts, the garage on the right, the main level in the middle and the addition on the left. That is not what I want people to feel when they look at it. I have been doing much inspiration searching and have come up with a theme for the exterior of the house. I have a confession, next to my Jared there is my long love of craftsman homes. So how do you transform the exterior of a tri-level into a craftsman. Well, in my budget I can't actually convert my home into a craftsman but I plan to add craftsman details to give it similar character. Right now it just makes me depressed!

I want to make this…..
Into this!!!!
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