Thursday, April 18, 2013

Attack of the creeping myrtle

The weather is finally becoming nice and Jared and I just couldn't wait to start tackling our long list of things to do outside. We started working on our front yard cleaning up all the debris that had collected over the fall and winter.

Myrtle is a great ground cover don't get me wrong. It's low maintenance, spreads quickly and kills almost anything in its path. But it drives me crazy! At some point it will come out but that will be a very long, tedious task so for now it stays.

This little "flower" bed is in between our sidewalk and retaining wall. It leaves a LOT to be desired. We're working on cleaning the myrtle out and letting the assortment of bulbs grow in here for this year. But we do have "plans" for this little area next year….just not sure what those "plans" are yet. 

While digging a little in this bed we found this little guy….well lots of these little guys…it's a wild onion…pretty cool just not in my flower bed! Haha..

So….here's a list of things we need to do outside over the next few months:

-Trim back the ornamental grasses
-Clean out flower beds
-Trim Grapevines
-Mulch all beds
-Edge all beds
-Cut down holly bushes
-Reseed patchy areas of lawn
-Mailbox Makeover
-Plant a garden
-Restore the deck
-Remove old deck benches and install planters
-Paint/repair fence
-Install house numbers somewhere on front of house
-Reseal driveway
-Redo retaining wall
-Resurface concrete sidewalk and steps
-Spray paint outdoor furniture
-Remove "weed/junk garden" on side of house and seed it
-Paint vinyl siding to match rest of house
-Paint/ disguise downspouts
-Plant red twig dogwood bushes on side of house
-Create an herb garden
-Build an air conditioner cover
-Replace Shutters
-Spray paint lamp post and handrails

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