Sunday, May 27, 2012

Refinishing our hardwood floors!

   We have decided to refinish our hardwood floors and to stain them darker. We hired a company to come in and sand, stain, and poly the floors because we have about 1,400 square feet of hardwoods. On the first day, the guy came and sanded the upstairs, the stairs and tried to sand the main floor. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that the main floor was not original hardwood. It was Pergo which is a laminate. We don't have unlimited funds so we asked the guy what he would suggest. He said that he had refinished a few Pergo floors and that he would give it his best shot. Well, two days later he had sanded and stained the Pergo floors and the results were horrible. I was really unhappy. So our last and only option was to replace them. So we are currently looking to buy engineered hardwood to match or at least look complimentary to the upstairs oak floors. The upstairs had original oak hardwoods that took the refinishing just fine. The stairs were birch so it took the stain differently than the oak. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches! The stain we used was minwax dark walnut.

Bedroom #1 Before

Bedroom #1 After
Bedroom #2 Before
Bedroom #2 After

Master Bedroom Before

       Master Bedroom After                                                    

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